Do you have questions?

Simply complete the form provided to this effect by clicking FORM and upload the requested documents.

Your last pay stub;
Your last monthy statement;
A photocopy of a valid identity photo card;
A sample check or debit authorization form from your financier institution.

You are 18 or over, been in a job for at least four months. Salary paid to you by direct deposit and you earn a net salary of at least $ 270 per week or $ 540 per two weeks? Then you can borrow.

By fax, if you do not hae a fax at home or at work you can find a unit in these locations: Staples; post office, pharmacy; convenience store; library; copy center. In case you can not find Fax, we accept scanned documents or photos of your documents.

We accept self-employment to certain conditions: a stable income and our agents will assess the creditworthiness of the individual with the requested documents.

Certain criteria such as: have no source of income; provide incomplete or incorrect information documents, you application will be automatically rejected.

Once we have all the doccuments, the application is analysed. If you accepted the contract the funds appear in your account whitin 24 business hours of the signing of the contract.

Yes, we accept customers benefitinf from the CSST programs, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, annuity plan, etc. because it is a stable income.

The interest rate for the term of a loan is 2 % per month then 24% per year.

Call us (toll free: 1-800-810-8385) in case of difficulty. There is a fee of $ 45.00 for a levy without funds. If the difficulties in making your repayments were prolonged, the debt will be transferred to recovery.

Yes I do. Our agents have signed a confidentiality agreement for our customers, no information out of our offices.

Your contract offer will be by email. You will have a link and you must click a button to confirm your signature. For more information call us at: 1-800-810-8385.

You must send us a new sample check by fax or email and one of our representatives will be responsible for changing the banking information in four file.

No. You must wait 30 days before re-applying for a loan.

The bank statement must contain at least the last 30 days of your daily transaction.

A recent pay stub is required for the assessment of your file.

The ID must be clear and legible and must not be expired.

The sample check may be refused if it not readable or does not match your personal data.

No. By cons you can apply subsequently a change a bank account.

Please ensure that all fields are completed, an indication red identifies you the error. If the problem persist, please contact us 1-800-810-8385.